How Discounters Became Trendy

Even though my 15-page paper is due on Friday, I'm feeling tired, maybe a little sick, and no sense of urgency at all to finish, even after ingesting a ton of caffeine. Usually the caffeine drives me into a go-go-go mode and I get things done. Ironically, when TV is a distraction for some people, I was quite productive while the ALCS was on. Somehow the dull moments in sports became beneficial white noise.

Here's to my last moment of slackerdom before a 48-hour, sleepless push for the finish:

Just when I said Kmart has fallen behind in the race to look trendy, this article came out. It explains how Wal-Mart and Target suddenly (that is, over the last couple of years) became the places to go for affordable and fashionable clothes. Maybe one day the same can be said for Kmart, though I suspect it'll take a while.

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Marcy said...

I'd say that's definitely true for Target, though maybe not as much for Walmart. It still tends to have a non-stellar reputation.