Well-crafted detour

I'm about to enter into another crazy weekend and another crazy week, so I took my brief moment of freedom yesterday to run errands. Unfortunately, police activity lead to road closures. I was really, really tired and really didn't need that. I had to take a detour, but at least it caused me to wind up near FIDM. It's already October and the holiday season is coming up soon, and given my busy schedule, I figured I better start my Christmas shopping. I plan to buy some stuff, and make some stuff.

In the clothing department, the stock in the FIDM store changes all the time. There were days when I went and found nothing, and then there were days full of gems. Yesterday was a good day. There were items evidently donated by posh boutiques, which reinforces my philosophy on why expensive clothes are not necessarily good.

I found some good stuff, such as this green Splendid ribbed tank which carried a price tag of $5, instead of the retail $40:

[American Eagle newsboy cap, Splendid tank, vintage scarf, Park Vogel sheer hoodie, Alice + Olivia pants, YakPak shoes]

I love kelly green and have always wanted something in this color, but it's a matter of finding what's right for me. I have a few other pieces from Splendid and loved the softness, though they were paper-thin and prone to small holes. This tank is very soft and comfortable, and since it isn't paper-thin like the aforementioned Splendid tops, I don't have to worry about this falling apart in the wash. The back is cut a little lower than the average beater, but not too low--very cute.

Also on the "good find" column is a cute Juicy Couture top for $10--the fit was fabulous, the fabric was nice and soft, but let's face it, a baby pink is not the choice color for adults. That went back onto the rack. There was a pair of size 32 Antik Denim jeans for $15. That price is just unheard of for a genuine pair of "premium" denim. There were various tops that I didn't need and won't work for people I want to buy them for, so I let them be.

On the flip side, I saw some items that retailed hundreds of dollars...and are utterly unwearable. For instance, who would want to buy a $300 pair of crocheted lace pants? It might work as a swim coverup, but that's a really expensive and ugly one. Designers--at times brilliant, at times misunderstood. I appreciate modern art, but I just don't get some of the clothes that are out there.

I also picked up various items, some for wearing and some for crafting:

I don't know why, but I've been losing a lot of my socks, and those that I still have are losing elasticity and getting really loose. So when I saw a 3 for $5 special on cute socks, I knew it was a good opportunity to replenish my supplies. I love the one with the clouds, and the "I'm a Star" pair goes well with my darker colored sneakers.

I like going through the fabrics and notions section of the store. I wanted to make a necklace with some chiffon material, and I wanted variety without paying a whole lot, so the 3 for $1 fabric headers was a natural choice. I also picked up big white plastic beads for 50 cents and 3 yards of trim ribbon for a dollar. The trim has that Americana feel, and certain members of my family really love that. I just think it's cute and will be great for little bows. Pretty roll of trim, I've got plans for you...

I was really tired and didn't figure it out until after I've paid and left the store, but I paid a total of $7 for my haul. Either the socks or the top wasn't counted. Ah well, it's not like I intentionally tried to cheat them.

Next week I'll try to hit up some sample sales, because my life will soon dissolve into further madness as I prepare for a trial and for finals. Gotta take care of business while I still have the time.


BrownEyedGirl said...

Cute stuff! You have alot more self control then me because it sounded like you saw a bunch more deals! :) Good finds!:)

Ashley said...

kelly green = beauitful

you have cute style. :)

bee said...

Kelly green is my favorite color, it's just so...cheery.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

Ah, I do love green, especially kelly green. Reminds me of blue skies and grassy knolls, the kind I don't get to see as a city slicker.