A Day in the Life of Not Jack Bauer: Part 2

OK, I was obviously delusion when I wrote part 1 this morning. I decided to change the titles and stuff a bit. After I got a chance to sleep, I feel better now. Back to where I left off.

7:00am--I tried to log in to the registraton system, but I forgot the password. Next thing I knew, I was locked out of the system for 30 minutes. It was really agonizing to wait. I tried to continue with my paper, but that was useless. I was just too tired and high strung, and it was too early in the morning, for me to scream or cry. As it turns out, the mattress is a pretty good safe place to pound out my frustration. No risk of breaking anything.

7:30am--I figured out how to get a new temp password, but for whatever reason, cut and paste was not the way to go. I was locked out of the system yet again. Since there's not much else I could do, I tried to take the time to do stuff around the house and started to blog.

8:06am--by the time I finally managed to get in, the class I wanted was already full. I'm number 12 on the waitlist. At least I got all my other classes, but the one I'm waitlisted on was the one I really need to get into. Why does this have to happen to me in my last semester ever? After logging off, I finished this morning's post.

8:20am--went back to writing my paper. I got 9 pages done.

10:30am--finally finished the paper. Ended up being 12 pages. Checked things over. Dealt with more editorial emails.

11:30am--turned the paper in electronically. Finally, bedtime!

I guess you can say the chance to sleep ends my day...wow, it was a long one.

Probably none of this makes any sense as to why it's relevant to what this blog usually covers, but I'll extract the moral of the story next time.

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