One for you, one for me; one for you, one for me...

My family has delegated me the task of buying 2 birthday presents. Darn, that means I have to go shopping *evil grin*.

The birthday party for family members 1 and 2 is tomorrow, and since I didn't have any time earlier this week, I had to go today. Late last night I got the Daily Candy weekend guide, and lo and behold, there was a listing for a sample sale in Downtown LA today. I figured that I can get some trendy, higher-end things at an affordable price. If possible, I might even get a head start on Christmas shopping...after all, Christmas is only 2 months away.

The sample sale was for clothing from a number of designers, such as Lily McNeal, Mimo, Woo, Park Vogel, and a smattering from a bunch of other designers--some I've heard of, some I haven't. When I got there, the showroom was already a-buzzin' with shoppers. Despite everyone's raves about how great the Lily McNeal sweaters are, I didn't find them all that special for the price they were sold for (starting at $40). Dresses from Mimo and others were $40 and up. $40 is obviously out of my price range, so I pawed through the many boxes of clothes still in shrinkwraps, looking for the $10 gems.

The two people I had to get gifts for have very different body types. #1 is very similar to me, so buying clothes for her is easy--if it fits me, it'll fit her. #2 is more of a pear shape, probably a size 8-10. After a couple of hours of digging and trying things on, here's what I found.

For #2:

I thought most of the things by Garçon had a terrible fit (fitted at the shoulders, really loose at the bottom), so I'd stay away from that brand in the future. In the course of digging through boxes, I found this pretty kimono top by Pink Dice. It's actually a large, but it looks like it fits me well because it ties in the back (and I scrunched it up as much as possible). I figured that a kimono top is flattering and the fit doesn't have to be as exacting. The color is beautiful, the fabric is soft, and it drapes well. At $10, it's even cheaper than the blue kimono top I got for myself over the weekend.

For #1, the decision was harder, but only because I liked the piece for myself:

I picked up this Park Vogel sheer hoodie for #1 because she does yoga and the last time I got her a pair of cute workout pants, she loved them. The fabric is incredibly soft, and the lightness is perfect for the California weather, especially on days when it's cool enough for a cover-up but not quite cold enough for something heavier. At first I had no qualms about giving it up, but that's before I walked into Express on my way home and saw this:

I thought this would be more versatile and cuter for her, since she prefers dark colors. It was a good deal for $7.99. I like this too, but not enough to keep it for myself. Since I found this, I've decided to keep the hoodie.

I also bought another item for myself at the sample sale:

The color, stripes, and cute little pocket combine for a nice twist on a basic. I went up a size because they are very fitted, and I want something a little loose for a change. While $10 is not bad for a hoodie, it seems to be quite a bit for a t-shirt. However, this one is incredibly soft as well, and it's not something you see everyday. The price is justified by the quality. Now I know why Park Vogel items are so expensive; when I was at the Planet Lulu sale earlier in the year, they were $20-25 and that was considered "cheap." I didn't think so. I can handle $10 a lot better.

Ah, the "one for you, and one for me" thing...I made fun of that shopping practice, and now I'm the butt of my own joke. I failed miserably at trying to not buy things for myself. Maybe the paycheck I just got had something to do with it. Bad girl...=P

On a different note, I think my Hotkiss cargo shorts are the most versatile pair of bottoms ever. They go very well with 4 very different outfits! Maybe that's a sign I should stop buying pants because I really don't need more of them.

I got a 15-page appellate brief due next Friday, among other things, so my next (normal) post will have to wait a week. [Ed.: Oh, screw it, knowing me I'll probably procrastinate and have to write something anyhow.] In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful Fall weather!

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