This was a hectic weekend. Sunday was the only day I had to run errands. I had 2 things in mind: I needed to figure out some proper form of packaging for a necklace I designed for a fundraising event (more on that on another day), and I wanted to find a housewarming gift for a friend who just bought a house. I succeeded in neither, even though I ran around to many different stores. At least I got to engage in a bit of retail therapy, after the horrendous weeks that just passed.

While I was at Target, I picked up this messenger bag for $5:

[Papaya beater, vintage scarf, Joie denim jacket, Louis Verdad red pinstripe pants, Xhilaration messenger bag]

The messenger bag I got from the YakPak random pack last winter didn't have an enclosure, which makes the bag less secure and less usable. Even though the crackling faux leather of this cheap Target bag may slough off eventually, the design is perfect--zippered pockets in the front hold the little things, while there's plenty of room inside for my laptop and a book or two. The main compartment snaps closed, so I won't have to worry about things falling out. The best part is that the bag has both a detachable shoulder strap and a handle so that I can hold it whichever way I want. Also, the bag is soft, unwieldy, and almost glam enough (from the crackling shiny surface) that I can carry it when I go out for social occasions. I also picked up a bamboo steamer (for organizing clutter) from the 2 for $5 area, some Sally Hansen nail polish for half off, and lip balm. Sadly, the $1 Spot didn't have cute jewelry boxes of the size I needed. I think I might end up using one that I've bought from Target and still in pristine condition...since I've already spent money making the necklace, I don't necessarily want to spend more on the packaging, even though presentation is important.

I also noticed that there's new Merona suiting for men. I have no idea whether this is really a new thing, or if I just never noticed. I also wonder if they're any good; seems like Target is going after the fashionable males now that they've seemed to master the design and marketing of cheap clothes for women. The ties looked pretty sharp. On the casual side, the messenger bags looked pretty cool.

When I was at Marshall's, the home goods section was nice but a bit expensive for what the goods were. This is what I ended up buying from the store:

I've been wanting a Tara Jarmon for Target top that looks similar to this, but this Nine West top is probably much better in quality, and much cheaper too ($15). This is such a staple piece...I can see myself wearing it even 10 years from now.

My last stop was Ross, where the home goods are cheaper but the selection was more limited and picked over. In the end I bought a basket for my bathroom but nothing for my friend. Grr...it can be so hard to shop for other people sometimes.

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