Recap: Delia/Vionnet sale

For once, the sun is out and I'm not huddling in a sweater. Since the weather is in the mid-70's today, I *needed* to be outside notwithstanding my workload. Mindful that I do need to get my work done eventually, I decided to pick somewhere I can get to quickly AND find parking: the Delia/Vionnet sale.

When I walked in, there was already a good few shoppers in there, some apparently enthused about the great prices. As I rummaged through the racks, it quickly became clear that it was not worth my time. Nothing was cheap, and much of the merchandise comprised of items that weren't sold off at the last sale. Though the shoes were well-priced for designer shoes, a couple of pairs appeared rather worn. I refuse to pay $50 for a pair of used shoes, even if they're by Alexander Dell'Acqua. There was a well-organized section of accessories, but they were too expensive for me...I can make the necklaces for a fraction of the cost. I'm usually patient about going through the racks to look for good deals, but I just gave up. Basically, I drove to the sale, got out, went to the market, went home--all in 1.5 hours. I spent more time in the market than I did shopping for clothes.

Despite my personal displeasure, it's not to say there aren't good deals if you're more well-heeled. I found some cute Clements Ribeiro sweaters and some Missoni bottoms for about $100. There were some metallic lavender heels (I don't remember by which designer) for $45, which are perfect for Spring and Summer weddings. Prices on cashmeres aren't bad either.

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