50-90% off for clothing, and we'll throw in 40% off for...Botox?

I just got my Planet LuLu email invite for the OC sale (the sale is next Saturday in Irvine if anyone cares). After seeing the "subject" line, I was going to hit "delete" right away, since I won't go all the way to the OC just for a sale. Somehow, curiosity got me to read the invite.

Apparently the Planet LuLu folks started a monthly LuLu Deals column on their invites (looks like an advertisement to me). This month's special is "You're already beautiful...Now let's keep-ya that way! Take 40% off Botox with" Dr. so-and-so. Hmmm...coincidence, or did they buy into the whole "Real Housewives of Orange County" stereotype?

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Anonymous said...

I actually used my coupon for botox. The doctor was terrific, close to my home in the south bay and I paid only $100 for my botox. Thanks to planet lulu.