On Hiatus (again)

I was going to do more DIY write-ups, but my Ethical Lawyering assignment is taking a lot longer to finish than I thought. As strange as it sounds, doing the right thing isn't necessarily obvious or easy. Some of the rules are complicated such that completely honest lawyers end up breaking them by accident. The point is, learning the law and being a good lawyer takes time. I spent my Easter Sunday doing 10 hours worth of legal research, then I worked 7 hours *straight* (I kid you not) throughout last night. I'll be pulling more all-nighters, including the one already in progress. Right after turning in that assignment, I'll have to start studying for finals, and then take those said finals.

I apologize for the delays and the upcoming long hiatus, but I hope you can understand. I'll be back in the middle of May, so don't go away forever! The rest of my DIY Considerations series will appear then, followed by so much more.

Thank you so much for reading my blog!


Stacie said...

Just keep thinking of all the money you are going to make when you are done with school...Good luck!

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks! Don't know about the big bucks (they don't exist in public interest work), but I do look forward to a satisfying career...