FIDM Shopping Tips

Friday was one of those days where the FIDM store was a miss for me. I found a Mason skirt that I liked, but that particular designer brand just isn't for me. It's not that the designs are unattractive or anything--I love a lot of the designs--but I'm consistently in between sizes. Disappointed, I decided to scour the damages rack, which isn't my usual and customary practice. I'm glad I did it though, since there were some interesting revelations.

There are lots of 2 for $5 damage specials--so much that I'm usually deterred from spending my limited time on it. Adding to that, most of the clothes are severely damaged and are the lower quality stuff from Forever 21. However, this time I discovered something new. There were some steeply marked down Mason skirts (that actually fit me!) for $5! They weren't damaged at all! The only reason why I didn't snap one up was because the shirt was a bit poofy and short for me. Maybe next time I should scoop out the racks for undamaged goods that no one wants. I ended up buying a $2.50 t-shirt from Forever 21. Although there was a hole in it, the hole was the result of loose side seams, so it's really easy to fix and not a big deal.

The bottom line: eyeball the damages racks for items in multiple quantities. They might be the undamaged gems that the store can't seem to get rid of.

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