(Color-)Block Party

After having zero energy for weeks, I'm feeling much better this weekend. I still haven't figured out what exactly is making me so tired--could be allergies, could be not eating well because I have no time to cook lately, or it could be (ironically) too much caffeine--but I'm trying to get back to living a healthier lifestyle. The hardest part is motivating myself to take the time to rest, cook, and exercise. It's a bit of a Catch-22: it seems like there is no time to do any of those things (especially when I get home really late), but if those things aren't done, the body will just get tired and productivity will keep on sliding downhill. It's just a vicious cycle. If you can get your hands on a Wii Fit, I highly recommend it--it really does work you, yet it doesn't feel like a workout. While that little 30-minute fanfare music is a bit cheesy, it sets an easy goal to shoot for.

Anyway, on with the real post. I know that I've been teasing everyone with mentions of the crazy House of Holland colorblock tights. They're tougher to work with than I thought, but I really like how the initial experiments worked out. There will definitely be more experiments with them, but it depends on how long the tights last. Sadly, on the first day I wore them out, a splinter from a wooden chair caused a run and a hole. I patched it up a bit, and it lasted through the second wear fairly well. Let's hope that it'll hold up a lot longer...

I started with some obvious companion pieces on the first try--a pair of shorts similar in color with the separation bands, and lots of black.

[Gap t-shirt, Development blazer, Red Rocket Glare necklace made by me, Miu Miu sunglasses with silver rectangular frames, rings from Etsy, American Eagle Outfitters shorts, House of Holland x Pretty Polly tights, Ciao Bella peeptoe booties.]

The second experiment involved a different strategy--bringing in something brightly colored to contrast the grayscale tights. I definitely took a risk with this look, and people probably thought I was crazy to wear this out.

[Target tank top, White by Development corduroy mini ($5 from a parking lot sale), Mike & Chris hoodie vest, House of Holland x Pretty Polly tights, Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes.]

More looks with these tights are sure to come in the future, but it is hard to say when. This is not something I can wear to work, that's for sure.


Tiffani said...

LOVE those tights. i must get some!!

Chunky Curlz said...

COOL tights, I just saw them in a magazine this month. I love wearing tights, finally weather is getting cooler here in CA..yay! I'm so ready for tights and sweaters!

the divinitus said...

Very statement tights!

Elaine said...

GREAT tights!!!! Sorry to hear about the tear. Hopefully it'll last!!