Autumn Whites

The "no white after Labor Day" "rule" simply cannot apply to Southern California. While it is now officially Autumn, the temperature is still hovering around 90-100 degrees.

Yesterday was one of those hot days. I woke up late in the morning to a phone call inviting me to visit my friends' newborn. I had to put together an outfit in a hurry. It was already 90 degrees at that point, so it made sense to wear something light and casual:

[Gap eyelet blouse, a 3-rhinestone necklace that I got for a buck at Robinsons-May years ago, American Eagle Outfiters shorts, cuff from Etsy, Pour La Victoire sandals, Liz Claiborne bag, Raybans. No, I do not have two-toned hair; I'm not sure what funny tricks the camera was playing on me.]

I've been eyeing this Constellation cuff from Clare Stoker for quite some time, and I'm so glad that I finally got it. I like jewelry that are subtle but eye-catching, and this fits the bill--the brushed brass surface and the random holes of different sizes make the cuff simple and beautiful. It also fits my small wrist very well. The holes also happen to complement the eyelet blouse.

What a difference a day makes. The weather really cooled down today, so I finally got to wear those colorblock tights. Sadly, a splinter on a wooden chair I sat on snagged a hole already. I did some repairs, and I hope that my handiwork holds up. Pictures to come after I manage to make a few more outfits out of them.


Elaine said...

I agree....that so-called rule is a stinker. White is a staple for the hot heat! I can't even imagine 90 degree weather again. I'm fine with our high 70s :). You look great as usual. The detailing of the cuff is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wish it was warm enough to wear that here! It's cold and rainy in chicago!