I've been insanely busy with work and battling the flu at the same time. After finally getting the chance catch adequate sleep in the past 36 hours, I'm now wide awake in the middle of the night and feeling closer to normal, so I may as well get a little bit of blogging in before my schedule descends into chaos once more. I've managed to avoid the flu for quite a number of years until now; I forgot how bad it could be, but luckily I bounce back fairly quickly. Hope all you folks will be able to stay healthy in this particularly widespread flu season.

Before the flu forced me out of commission, I was stricken by another affliction: an unhealthy obsession with exposed zippers. It's like exposed beams in buildings--they're obviously functional, though they are very capable of enhancing aesthetics simply by existing (and sometimes by clever placements). I bought 3 things from Forever 21 featuring prominent zipper elements, each with a distinct look evoking the past, present, and future.

The Past: the miniskirt with lace trim has a very retro/burlesque feel to it. It is surprisingly well-tailored and well-made (it's lined!) for a Forever 21 cheap fix. It is a bit shorter than I'd like, so I feel better wearing it with tights. A pair of "Minnie Mouse" shoes and a sporty jacket makes the outfit more modern and leaves something to the imagination.

[Forever 21 tank ($1 from FIDM store), Converse One Star for Target jacket, The Limited bolo necklace, Forever 21 miniskirt, Target patterened tights, Forever 21 ring, Payless pumps.]

The Present: I call this a "utility skirt" because it just looks like an all-purpose skirt. It has pockets. It looks like a cross between a cargo skirt and a pencil skirt. It's stretchy. It's curve-hugging and very flattering. It is very comfortable. The list goes on and on.

[Forever 21 tank, Forever 21 skeleton key necklace, Gap scarf, Michael Michael Kors leather hoodie, Capezio boots.]

The Future: I'll let the tunic speak for itself. The whole science fiction look is so campy and absurd that I may as well throw in the ultimate accessory of silliness for my age--a Hello Kitty ring.

[Forever 21 tunic and leggings, Mike & Chris trench, Tarina Tarantino Pink Head ring, Ray Bans, Maison Martin Margiela cutout booties.]

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ambika said...

Such amazing skirts! & you pull them off so well.