Take a Bow

[Edited to add close-up of shoes.]

I'm all grown up, yet I still can't resist the charm of bows. I don't wear them in my hair anymore, since I'm way past that stage, but less obvious forms of bows are unexpectedly cute and "age-appropriate."

[Marc by Marc Jacobs lop-sided bow ring, Calvin Klein slingbacks.]

The silver slingbacks are the saving grace for all of my dressy outfits, since silver goes with just about anything. The bow-on-top-of-a-bow adornment fills the visual void below the hemline or peeps just so from the hem of pants, and the silver color makes the bows glamorous instead of girlish. I bought them from DSW a couple of months to go with a rosy pink dress for a wedding, since none of my other footwear seemed to work with that color and the expected weather conditions. These shoes performed quite admirably--they continued to shine even after they got rained on, splattered with mud, and sank into the water-logged ground during the reception. After one good rinse and wipe, they were ready to go with blue dresses (i.e., for Christmas) and jeans for other occasions.

The ring is somewhere along the lines of my Pink Head Hello Kitty ring: it's almost too cutesy for adults to wear, but the operative term is "almost"--it toes the line without crossing it. I should be a bit abashed to wear such an overtly youthful accessory, but I'm not. It's shiny without being girlish, and the off-center placement of the bow just works. Quite a gem from the accessories clearance section during Nordstrom's after Christmas sale.

What do you think about bows? Do you wear them? Do you avoid them? Do you secretly wish you can deck yourself in them? I don't think anyone is ever too old to wear them; it's just a matter of finding one right for you or the particular occasion. While I don't believe in "dressing one's age," I do think time and age do influence personal style. I certainly dress differently now than I did 10 years ago, mainly due to changes in responsibilities, lifestyle, and other circumstances.


ae. said...

I'm not a big fan of bows, but I'll wear them occasionally as sashes. I have a bow tie that I wear as a headband sometimes, too.

As for dressing one's age, I agree that to be taken seriously one needs to be "age appropriate" and follow societal norms, but I think a lot of that's balderdash, too. I'm sure there's a happy medium in there somewhere.

The Clothes Horse said...

Aw! I love your ring.
I'm a bit the opposite. I couldn't stand bows when I was younger, I didn't want to appear younger. Now I'm 21 and I don't want to do the "lolita" look, but at the same time I like bows, so screw the connotations--I'll wear what I like!

ambika said...

I adore that ring. I can't say that I wear bows really--I'm sure if I checked my closet, I might find one or two on a dress...

yulanda said...

Such a cute ring!

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks, everyone!

Clothes Horse--I've always had short hair and envied all the other little girls who wore bows, but after that I was in a prolonged tomboy phase. I guess now I'm compensating (or overcompensating?) for it.