Sak'd and Pillaged

I think this article sums up what I saw at the Beverly Hills SFA over the weekend, except the shoe clearance racks I saw were a lot emptier. Apparently some SFA's had an even crazier scene.

In some ways, I think "equalizing the playing field" can be a good thing. Given the dizzying prices on designer goods, sometimes I wonder if fashion has lost its meaning. Surely fashion is defined by more than a currency symbol followed by a string of numbers, or by the hollow ring of "exclusivity." Exclusivity is inevitable (as exquisivity often comes at a great cost in materials and labor), but it doesn't have to become a mean-spirited vehicle for social competition. I won't beat a dead horse by repeating my diatribe against "luxury" status symbols, but maybe "flooding the market" would remove the ugly, elitist subtext of fashion. It might be wishful thinking that it may even part the sea of eyesores called logo-print handbags, but a girl can dream, right?

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