Lock and Stock

Upon the expiration of my student days, I could no longer frequent the Friday sample sales in Downtown LA. I used to be able to get ridiculously good deals on samples that felt like they were made for me, plus the sample sales introduced me to the work of a lot of LA designers who are not yet household names. Even if I don't buy anything, it was still marvelous to take a look at the clothes for the aesthetics and structure.

Black Friday was the extremely rare day when I was not in the office or otherwise working. I took that opportunity to a) visit the sample sale once again, and 2) try to pick up some cool Christmas gifts for members of my family. Since it was in the aftermath of a major holiday, there were slim pickin's, but I did find a couple of very good deals that didn't break the bank.

[Revolver Los Angeles top, Da Nang jacket, Paper Denim & Cloth jeans, Christian Lacroix flats (yes, I've been wearing them a whole lot).]

The first is a top/dress (depending on your hemline preference) from Revolver, which seems to embody a casual "California" style. There was a rack of clothes with a price list of 25 dollars for tops, 40 dollars for dresses. I picked up this lightweight blue v-neck number with a simple yet striking print made of multi-colored circles. I don't know if the name of the label itself inspired the pattern, but either way, it looks really cool. The material itself is soft (2 sheer layers), and the garment as a whole is flattering, comfortable, drapes well, and just easy to wear, something I can just throw on and feel just a little more dressed-up. Other pieces on the rack were pretty and edgy, but this particular one screamed my name.

When I went to pay for it, I figured it was a tunic as opposed to a dress because it was a "bit" short. Alas, I was wrong--it was deemed a "dress" (once I got home, it all made sense), but I was charged the price of a top. Perhaps the fact that I even needed to ask struck a chord, but hemline specifications aside, I was very happy to get a great deal. I look forward to future collections, particularly pieces that could be worn in less chocharular ways.

One line that I never heard of until my Black Friday sample sale shopping was Plastic Island. The Fall/Winter collection pieces were very cute, particularly white blouses with black lace detailing. I ended up not buying anything of the newer collections, but I couldn't resist the box of $5 dresses. Like the aforementioned "dress" I got, this dress is emblazoned with a circular print as well. While the dress was panned by the "press," and the retail price would have been grossly overpriced, $5 is pretty reasonable for something that I can wear loose with a fitted jacket or cinched with a belt. It is quite a versatile piece.

[Plastic Island dress, Converse One Star for Target jacket, Sigerson Morrison sandals, Forever 21 bangles and Livestrong bracelet, Ray Bans.]

Despite my penchance for solid colors, I guess deep down, I like circles.


Frugalchick said...

I really like that second dress! What an excellent deal for $5.

The Clothes Horse said...

That circle dress is lovely.

Fabulously Broke said...

I love your first outfit. It's really stylish and classy.

I know it sounds creepy but I would... just LOVE to go through your closet and look at what you own

Poster Girl said...

Wow! What great deals, I've always wanted to check out the sample sales in LA.