The Width of the Spectrum

"Ain't no mountain high enough...to keep me from getting to you"? Actually, there is one. The "hand wash only" hill of garments had kept me from accessing some of my most versatile pieces of clothing, including a rainbow-striped vintage shirt that sat unworn for a couple of months until I had the time to give it a good disinfecting wash.

I found this shirt at the Goodwill quite some time ago. I'm not sure what drew me to it. It is at least a few sizes bigger than me, whereas I normally prefer something more tailored to my figure. I'm guessing that the colorful stripes got me. Or is it the cuffs? Or the gatherings a the shoulder? Or the very retro style of the shirt? Or an instinctive belief that this shirt would be very soft and comfortable (and turned out to be true)?

For the longest time, I couldn't pin down the exact reason why I brought the shirt home with me, like I would usually do. Yet, I would hardly call this an impulse purchase. At any rate, I was very certain about how I was going to wear it. I wanted to wear the shirt with my black straightlegged jeans. By the time I got around to wearing it, I've acquired a pair of black sandals, and I decided to dig out a black bag that I haven't used for a while, an old favorite. And I also got the gunmetal nail polish I've been wanting. It just seemed right to pair that shirt with all-black everything-else.

Today I finally realized why I got the shirt. There are many days when the tops, bottoms, and shoes are all different colors. I try not to wear things of matching colors, but they all have to complement each other somehow. If I could boil it down to some kind of forumula, it would cut down on a lot of bad-outfit-days. As it turns out, I don't necessarily look on the opposite sides of the color wheel and call it quits. Rather, I look at the palette as a spectrum. Sometimes it means sticking on the same side of the color wheel, while other times it means a "triangulation" of colors is required (pick two things on the opposite sides, then one right across the "midpoint" of both colors). This outfit is a pretty extreme example of incorporating the entire spectrum--all the colors, plus the sum and absence of colors (in other words, white and black, respectively).

[Vintage shirt from the Goodwill, Target bag, J Brand jeans, Sigerson Morrison sandals; MAC nail polish in Nightfall, Ray Bans]


Sara Millionaire said...

Oh, man. If I washed everything in my dry-clean-only/hand wash pile, I would have a whole new wardrobe.

I love that outfit...the shirt looks so great with those skinny jeans. And that nail polish is such a good color!

yulanda said...

The outfit looks great on you.

karen said...

How amazing! I was reading this out loud to my DD without scrolling down to the pics. We both about fell over, it is almost identical (if not the same exact) to the one she picked up at the Pasadena Swap this Sunday!

You look GREAT, it was fun to get the buildup before seeing the look.

Thanks for the DSW info, I got a $5 off for my bday so I'll head out to the SO DSW. Don't know if you ever do TJMaxx but the manager told me they are having a designer sale starting Thursday morning. (La Canada store where they have the Runway stuff) Karen

Sales Rack Raider said...

Sara and Yulanda--Thanks! It's an outfit that I'll definitely want to wear again on another weekend. The nail polish is a pretty good-quality one...too bad it's only reserved for weekend use, but it will be used often.

Karen--what a coincidence! I hope your daughter likes her shirt as much as I do.

So the TJ Maxx in La Canada is where the good stuff is at, huh? I don't go out there often, and I've decided to stay out of the stores until September, but I'll have to remember to check it out come winter clearance time.