The Tricks of Bags (addendum)

Thanks for all your comments on my bag post. It was good to get independent viewpoints on the frontrunners. However, I will hold off on the bag purchase for a while.

I've been seesawing between the hunter green and the navy blue. When I finally decided that the hunter green is probably more suitable to my budget and needs, it was already sold. Blasted! Also, there are some pretty good sales at this time of the year, so I think I will scour them first. If I'm plunking down money on something lasting, I figured it would be better if I can see, feel, and carry the bag before deciding to buy it. I might go to the famous Barney's warehouse sale in Santa Monica for once.

If I can't find anything at the Barney's sale, I'll wait until early September. I'll be in Minneanapolis for a work thing. My co-worker and I are so ready to hit the Mall of America.

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