Richard Chai for Target Review

It's funny how one can walk into the store to look for one thing and end up finding another. At least I didn' t walk out with another.

After my initial enthusiasm at the launch of Luella's collection for Target, indifference has set in. I liked a few things here and there, but I haven't been excited about the entire collection since. This time is different. Many who felt the indifference changed their tune for the latest installment created by Richard Chai. I had no plans to buy anything from the line (just yet, anyway), but I was curious enough to see what got people excited this time.

For me, the tailoring sold me on it. This dress felt like it was literally made for me. While the pattern isn't my thing, the fit definitely is. I wanted to get the navy-colored dress to try on, but there weren't any left. This dress fits true to size. It also fits curves very well.

My next favorite piece is the pair of gray striped skinny pants . . . and this is coming from a person who doesn't do skinny jeans, as they usually make my backside look huge. The fit is very flattering, and I love the stripes and color. I've been wanting a pair of gray jeans, which would be a nice variation in my blue denim rotation. The pants are definitely something I'll hunt for once the markdowns begin.

It seems like simple, clean lines is the theme of the collection, both in terms of the tailoring and the prints. The print on this dress is simply lovely. It is also used as the lining of a super-cute white coat, which is another item I'm lusting after. The dress is cute and very easy to wear . . . once you can actually manage to get it on. The armholes are just too small, and since the dress doesn't have a zipper, the armholes make it difficult to put on and take off the dress. It's another item that would be nice to pick up from the clearance racks later, provided that it is available at one size up.

While the t-shirt and shorts are cute, I prefer the dressier pieces. Apparently a lot of people also have that inclination--many pieces I liked and in my sizes were already snapped up by the time I got to the store.

I am definitely impressed by this collection--for being a budget line, the tailoring is wonderful. The clothes are very wearable by large segments of the population; as much as I loved the Luella collection, the bright colors and edgy styles aren't for everyone. The Richard Chai for Target collection is true to the Target mantra of "Design for All."


Muttersome said...

The pants are really cute! I'll have to go to Target to check this stuff out.

Poster Girl said...

The purple graffiti rose print dress looks great on you. I bought it and quite a few other pieces. Like you, I appreciated the clean lines and tailored details. I also adore the purple, green, and blue colors used heavily in the collection. Are you excited about Jonathan Saunders or Thakoon?

Sales Rack Raider said...

Muttersome--I'm sure you'll love the pants and more when you see them in person!

Poster Girl--Thanks! I never noticed the color scheme specifically until you pointed them out; those are my favorite colors, which is probably another reason why I love the line.

I'm definitely excited about Thakoon. It's funny--when someone asked which designer I'd want to be the next Go collection designer, I said Thakoon. And now it's almost a reality!

Chic$tylez Personal Shopping said...

I love that BCBG bag. I saw in the outlet store in Charlotte and should have gotten it then. Would you happen to know the name of your bag so I can google it?

Sales Rack Raider said...

Chicstylez--I have no idea what the name is. It doesn't say on the price tag, and the bag was just hanging on the wall. I only know that it's considered a satchel. I did find an eBay listing calling it an "oyster ivory satchel" but I don't know if that's what it's really called. Apparently it could be found in the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet.