Holding Pattern

It's time to institute another shopping ban for nonessentials. While I've been getting fairly good deals, I need to be more selective with what I decide to buy. There will always be great sales, and I'll always end up finding something I love in place of those I forego, so I'm really not missing out on anything during the seasonal clearances happening now. But before I decided to turn off the spigot, I made one last purchase.

What I do need is matching bottoms to my light-colored suit jacket (also known as my "summer suit"). Since I was wearing the suit jacket the other day, hence acting as a walking color swatch, I figured it was a good time to do so. Alas, none was found at the stores that I would expect to be more of my type. So, I decided to try a place that I normally wouldn't visit--J. Jill.

There are certain stores selling clothing that is a little too "classic" for my tastes, and J. Jill is one of them. This is why I didn't even bother walking into the store before. However, I thought I should give it a chance, because my preconceptions could be wrong. It turns out that my preconceptions were not wrong, but I did find something to my liking. Given my ongoing efforts to stock up on cardigans for work, the Missoni-like knit cardigan caught my eye. I think it would work well as a transitional piece, be it from Spring to Summer or Summer to Fall. I also figured that this would go quite well with darker, more conservative pieces. When I decided to wear it the next day, I unwittingly discovered that it worked very well with my brightly-colored tops, which I would usually wear with dark blazers:

[Forever 21 blouse in kelly green, J. Jill long cardigan, J Brand jeans, Sigerson Morrison sandals]

I love how the patterns really hold the outfit together. The pattern itself is fairly classic, but the colors seem fairly youthful. Instead of going for the de facto blazer or black cardigan, I can now wear this with other colorful tops that would complement the earth-toned pattern. I received a lot of compliments on the day I wore the cardigan. For being just under $25 (about $90 off the original price), it came with a boatload of style.


Muttersome said...

May I just say, I love those gladiator sandals. I've wanted some for a while, but I don't think I can pull off that look...my feet are completely the wrong shape. But you look very chic! Loving the sweater too. I myself have never stepped foot into J.Jill, for the same reasons you cite in your post; but I might have to make an exception now.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks! The right gladiator sandals can be quite hard to find, and in my case, I have literally been eyeing them for a couple of years before finding the right pair. Only certain styles flatter my feet.

Sometimes the stores that are not quite my styles do have the occasional item that suits my fancy. I don't plan on going back there often, but I'll probably visit again come clearance time.