Au Contraire

Very few recreational activities are free anymore, and given the bad economy, I take it that a lot of people are cutting back on movies, travel, and such. A New York Times article, which includes a feature on the always-witty Winona of Daddy Likey fame, says it all. Because gas is so expensive, people are either limiting their vacation travel by budget and/or distance, or they're foregoing vacations altogether.

That might explain the inordinate number of people I saw in the Malibu Creek State Park today. My lazy butt was dragged out the door for some exercise today, courtesy of some dedicated friends who planned the outting. It was a really hot day, and the park was packed. Most people were having fun in the sun, either fishing in streams that used to be rivers, doing cannonballs in a lake, or picnicing on sandwiches made with value-packs of white bread (yes, I did see someone carrying it as they walked by). My group, however, "hung around" in the shade. No sun for us, thank you very much. After enduring the exhaustion of "hanging around" (which was tiring indeed, because sometimes we would go around and around and around), it felt really good sit around in the shade, like a lazy summer afternoon should be.

When we picked up/dropped off one member of the group today, I spotted the most curious institution at the corner of the street. There are many outfits that do all of that under one roof, but none with an appellation so striking and contradictory vis a vis its multidisciplinary practice:

Surprisingly, "divorcios" seems to be more prominent than "casamientos." Hmm...

This tidbit has nothing to do with the normal discourse of this blog, but I figured it would be amusing. Enjoy the weekend, folks!

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