Preview: The Power of the Scarf

Desperation drives ingenuity, which was great back in the caveman days and continues to move society forward. Unfortunately, there are instances where this phenomenon can be maladaptive. For instance, I was desperate to get away from studying, so I conjured up some non-law-related lightbulb moment that had to be explored.

My friend and I went out during a not-so-bright, but early (for a Sunday) morning to a vintage clothing and textiles trade show. It was quite fascinating, even though most items were waaaay too expensive for me. Some items resembles things I've seen in thrift stores. Still, it was neat to see things from turn of the century, which I couldn't have found at the Goodwill.

I had little money to begin with, and the $4.50 admission fee made another dent. Seeing that most things were pricey, I didn't expect to buy anything. I guess you can say the best was saved for last. In the second exhibition room we went to, there were loads of affordable and interesting stuff. I bought a huge scarf for a dollar! Tonight I played around a bit to see what I could do with it, and I was quite amazed at the result. Since it'll take a while to write about it coherently, I'll save it until after next week. Be excited...be very excited!


Marcy said...

I've always liked the idea of scarves, but when it comes down to it the only way I seem to really be able to oull them off is tied around the waist (unless we're talking about true-blue knit winter scarves).

bee said...

You're keeping me in suspenders!

Frapp said...

*Shakes with anticipation*