Loehmann's Lowdown

Brief interruption: I made a couple of changes on my post on haircuts throughout the day. The changes are in bold. Now back to the regularly scheduled program...

If you were at Loehmann's a few weeks ago and there were things that you were on the fence about buying because of the price, now might be a good time to move in for the kill. The clearance is still addition 40% off red tags, but there's an addition 10% tacked on after the discount is taken. I wouldn't go there unless there's something I've been eyeing last time, though; the merch is the same, but much more picked over. I was only there because I had brunch with my friends at the Fairfax/3rd Farmers' Market and we went afterwards. I was bad again...I bought a Milly skirt for $12, including tax. A few sizes too big according to the label (which is why I didn't snag it the first time), but it actually fits OK.

The sale ends 7/31.

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