Logo Be Gone: DIY Makeover

My usual prescription for a case of the blues is total immersion in work. When I'm productive, I feel like I'm fulfilling some kind of purpose. I've finished the task that plagued me for the past few weeks, so today I decided to take on a new project. One of things I've wanted to do was to make-over a tote bag I got at a career fair. Love the size, not the logo...I'm just not a logo-lovin' person, even if it's luxury.

The bag is just...boring. I decided to upgrade using needles, thread, fabric scraps (including the legs I had cut off during my DIY capris project), a couple of buttons, and old clothes. A number of hours later (I literally lost track of time), I came up with this:

Sewing the pieces together by hand was much harder than anticipated, and it didn't turn out as well as I expected (the seams are really crooked), but it's certainly better than before. To give you an idea of how much work went into it, I ran out of a small spool of thread and had to use a different color to finish.

What I did was cut out triangular pieces, overlap them (short pieces behind long ones), then sew them together. That was the hard part. It's much easier to sew the finished form onto the bag, but special care is needed to make sure that the piece won't get warped on the bag. If you have an embroidery hoop, use it. Otherwise, it might be wise to keep the bag taut with your free hand (and knees if necessary), or keep the bag flat on the floor as you're sewing. As for the smaller flower on the side, it's just like folding a fan, except you keep everything in place with a few stitches.

All in all, it's a good way of recycling old clothes and get a "new" bag out of it. If I can do it, you can too =)

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BrownEyedGirl said...

That's really cute :)