Clothing For Charity Goodies

The C4C website is back with new goodies! I usually don't bother with things that are full-priced, but this is different. The money we pay goes to a good cause. Unfortunately, I'm in a bit of a money jam right now, but I definitely want to buy something in the future.

Here's my favorite dress at the moment:

I love the print and the halter straps. It's a style that's more flattering on me.

This one is also very cool. Not really my style, but I can totally see someone wearing leggings and flats with it. At $19, it's very affordable for an indie designer piece:

In other news, the tan and olive pants I got from the Joie sale are going to be eBay'd. The tan pair that I can squeeze into might shrink in the wash and not fit altogether, so I don't want to take a chance. The sad part is that the waist is a perfect fit but it's tight at the legs, so even if I went 1 size bigger, the fit would have been off. If they don't sell, then I'll save them for the holidays...no, I'm not giving them away as gifts, but rather for charity. Last year my school had a clothing and toiletries drive for battered women's shelters. I figured that the young people who are there with their mothers could use some clothes too. It's rather uncharacteristic of me to have put money on something that doesn't fit, but at least someone will benefit from it.

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