Saving Your Money and Your Health: The Prelude

Law school is a stressful place. I guess that goes without saying, but I thought I'd be able to handle it with no problems. After all, I've survived many an all-nighter during my undergrad years. Unfortunately, it became clear that my days of running on 2-5 hours sleep on a regular basis must come to an end. This last semester was the toughest I've ever had in my life; my grades for once reflected the amount work I put in, and they came at a very high cost. I went through the last 5 weeks of school feeling miserable, and things have only gotten worse since. Last week I found out that stress, in conjunction with other factors, made me sicker than I thought was possible. Now, it's very difficult just to get through the day, much less concentrate on getting my school work done. As a result, I'm falling behind really quickly, and it's only the 4th week of the semester!

As you can see, stress may incur enormous economic costs, both in terms of medical care and lost productivity. Hence, investing a little in a good preventative care program now will result in big returns in the long run. I decided to do a 3-part series during my study breaks in the coming weeks. Part I will cover food, part II will focus on gyms, and the series will wrap up with health insurance concerns. Please bear with the snail's pace of updates (not that I was ever good about posting frequently), as I'm sick, tired because I can't have coffee, and have assignments out the wazoo in February.

In the meantime, good health to you all!

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