The New Luella Bartley Line at Target: Things to Pick Up When They Get Marked Down

Just thought I'd comment on the new Luella Bartley line at Target. I've always been lukewarm about the Issac Mizrahi products--love the shoes, but the clothes are just not for me. The Fiorucci stuff were just not my thing either. Hence, even with the existence of rave reviews and rapt anticipation of the Luella Bartley collection by various web outlets, I was a bit skeptical about the hype. After seeing part of the collection in person today, I have to say that I'm quite impressed!

I'm a sucker for puffed-sleeve tops, so it's no wonder I fell in love with this t-shirt. The zipper has a little heart, and the fabric felt pretty good. I'm not quite willing to pay $14.99 for it, but the price is certainly very affordable.

I was also very impressed by this blazer. Tres chic! I found that everything Issac Mizrahi seems to run big, at least for me, so it was refreshing to see a blazer that comes in a true XS. The edges of the button are red, orange (I think), and green, respectively counting from top to bottom. The fabric felt pretty luxurious, as opposed to the stiffness and wrinkly-ness of some IM blazers. At $40, it's much too steep for me, so I'll be lying in wait. I won't be able to make another trip to Target for another month, but hopefully there'll be something left for me then. Navy blue is nice and classic, but for the more adventurous fashionista, a bolder version is available. I would never be able to pull that off, but it looked great on the store-poster models.

I really loved the yellow hobo...lots of room inside, very bright and bold, but not too challenging to pair with outfits. At $35, it's waaaaay too pricey for me (remember that I'm the type of person who waits till bags are in single-digit territory). The $30 apple canvas sling is much less utilitarian (looks like dual purpose laundry/punching bag to me) but no less adorable; it's probably more suitable for someone who is more adventurous with street style.

The Target I went to doesn't have a whole lot of stuff; maybe it's still early and not all the products are introduced in stores. In the meantime, you can look at the website and ogle at all the wonderful accessories that may land in the brick-and-mortar near you very soon (I particularly like the cuffs). However, remember to control yourself: you probably don't need the stuff NOW, so wait until it's 30% off before indulging. If things run out quickly at your local store, try another one in (I hate to say this) a more low-income area. Please don't misconstrue this as snobbery, as I grew up in a low-income household (and I'm damn proud of my community). There are a couple of reasons why low income areas may still have popular items: 1) Target prices are still high for most of us, even when things are on "sale," and 2) generally speaking, people are not as concerned about designer fashion as those in more affluent locales. This is simply based on my observations of the Target I usually go to and the ones in neighboring middle-class towns. Unfortunately, these facts speak to greater social problems that I'm not going to get into (particularly bullying in high school, where many unpopular kids are made fun of because they're poor and/or don't wear "cool" clothes). This blog isn't about social commentary (I've got my friends and another blog for that), but I hope that as much fun as you have with "obsessing" over fashion, take some time to reflect on more important things.

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