Sales galore

If you've spent too much money lately and wish to cut back, put blinders on and stop staring at this post. Don't let this tempt you. Practice self restraint. Make yourself sick of shopping somehow. Go clean or something.

If you're ready to shop AND in LA, read the text in its entirety below. If you're not from LA, skip to the last paragraph.

There are several sales of note this weekend. One of them is Planet LuLu. Although I've browsed through the online sale and things weren't very appealing to me, their clothes are still heavily discounted. They'll be having their loft sale in Hollywood this Saturday, but it's invite only and invites go out tomorrow. If you're interested, get on their mailing list pronto. I don't know if things will be better than the online selection, but at least you'll get to try them on. I haven't decided if I'll go; there are certain things I need (yes, need, not merely want) to buy, but with rising gas prices, I'm not sure I want to drive out there, struggle with parking, then endure lots of pushing and shoving.

ABS will be having a parking lot sale starting 8am on Saturday. Given what I've been through at the BCBG warehouse sale, I'm not sure I want to struggle again. Besides, my wallet really wants to take it easy. Anyways, for you brave souls out there who are ready to rumble, go to BargainsLA.com for more details. That's how I find out about the good sales in the LA area.

And of course, when stores in the malls near you are welcoming Spring lines, that can only mean one thing: the winter duds have to go. They won't be there long, especially because the prices will be at the lowest points by now, so go now.

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