It Pays to Wait: Target

What a difference a week makes!

I went to Target last week, hoping to score some shoes. While commiserating over how the shoe aisles were picked clean, I came across a lovely metallic green satchel that was exactly what I have been looking for: cute and spacious enough for a sweater but not too bulky. Alas, it was still somewhere in the $10-15 range; with recent unexpected expenses (and an expensive ski trip coming up), I decided it wasn't worth it at the time. I don't go to Target often enough to get a feel for their price-reduction schedule, but since there was a relatively large quantity of the bags, I decided it was safe to wait at least another week.

It paid off in a big way.

I didn't expect prices to plummet in a week, but that's exactly what happened. The bag ended up being $6.24, leaving me with enough cash to buy a few other things that I needed. The few dollars I saved really went a long way. I was also amazed by some home goods that went to 75% off...I've seen such big reductions at Target before, but they are never this prominently advertised. Some stylish Michael Graves lamps dropped to $6-20, depending on the style. I saw other lamps for $4--better than Ikea lamps of equivalent price. There were other great deals too, but I just can't remember right now.

Here's the bottom line: if your coveted item is in sufficient quantities that it won't be likely to run out within a week, AND you have enough time to make another trip, just wait another week. You'll get a lot more for those few dollars saved. However, if there's only a few left, you really want it, and you're willing to pay that price, just take it. Yes, it'll probably get marked down further, but the odds of you being the one to score is slim.

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