Weekday/Weekend: Mack the Knife

"Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear
And it shows them pearly white
Just a jackknife has old MacHeath, babe
And he keeps it … ah … out of sight."

Roughly-cut edges of drapey pieces are fun to play with--they add great dimension to everyday pieces. Overlaping drapery is even more fun.

The Marciano drapey sweater that I found at the Marciano outlet during the summer has been in the rotation quite frequently, since "Summer" this year in Southern California didn't get a whole lot of sun. More recently, I added a very soft Wyatt "Sharkbite" tank top to my collection. Although I intended to wear the tank top as a casual piece, it worked surprisingly well with the drapey sweater for work--the ensemble looked put together, creative yet sufficiently conservative, kept me warm, and was very comfortable.

[Weekday: Marciano cashmere-blend sweater, Wyatt "Sharkbite" tank (from Bluefly), Balenciaga skinny pants (from Barney's warehouse sale), Christian Lacroix gold flats (from DSW), Marc by Marc Jacobs pave pear watch (from Fossil outlet)].

Now that it is supposed to be Fall, scorching weather has arrived. The weather has been bizarre to the point that some people ominously refer to it as "earthquake weather"--as in the weather is so strange that the next "big one" is sure to hit soon. Fall started with hot weather, followed by a few weeks of light rain, pouring rain, thunder and lightning, flash showers, and cool weather, and is now back to hot weather again. Given that we are back to having hot weather, it was time to wear the Sharkbite tank as intended.

[Weekend: Wyatt "Sharkbite" tank (from Bluefly), F21 skeleton key necklace, Gap striped denim shorts, EQ IQ platform ankle boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses]

Although it can be fairly hot, it is the right time to bust out the ankle boots. I swooped these off the clearance rack in Hong Kong last year from a Causeway Bay store aptly named "Sole Town," and am happy to take them out of the dust bag again. They are simple but a bit sassy, thanks to the high heel and the zipper/button detail in the back.

Hong Kong is definitely a great place to pick up interesting pieces. I got some pretty cool stuff last time, and I'm looking forward to shopping there again.


enna. said...

OH! The Marc Jacobs pear watch! I have been drooling over that (although the non-pave version) for years. Lucky girl. :)

Love the two outfits. Style-wise, you are clearly the best lawyer.

ThatBeeGirl said...

love the sharkbite tank!

Sales Rack Raider said...

enna.--Thanks! :)

I had been hunting for the non-pave version for quite some time, but they apparently sold out long ago. I was at an outlet shopping for Christmas presents last year when I unexpectedly found a lot of MbyMJ watches on sale at a substantial discount. I also got a cute non-pave apple that I'll post about some other time (it's too cute for work). The pave pear turned out to be surprisingly versatile.


ambika said...

Love that little pear watch! I have a vintage pear pin I keep meaning to break out on a lapel or dress, Mad Men style.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Ambika--you totally should! Sounds really cute and classy.

Eli said...

LOVE both of these outfits...I'm still kind of bummed about missing the last barneys warehouse sale. I think I'm more afraid of going downtown

Sales Rack Raider said...

Eli--Thanks! I think the Convention Center is a better venue than Barker Hangar (much bigger, with changing areas). The downside is the parking, but fortunately I know the area well enough to know where to find parking within walkable distances. At least it's near the Blue Line stop for those not inclined to drive.

I missed this last sale, but I have way too much clothes as it is right now anyway, lol...I guess I'm better off saving money for the rainy day or the next sale. Somehow I always find great work pants that cost more than what I usually would be willing to spend, but very much worth it because I wear them so much.

xs said...

i love that snakebite tank! you're totally right, drapey layers are so much fun!