Practical Magic

Happy Halloween! Since All Hallow's Eve lands on a Sunday this year, much of the festivities took place last night. As usual, my costume consisted of regular clothing plus some props that I either buy or make.

I picked a tough assignment for myself this year. A couple of the props were easy to get, but the clothing part was a bit more challenging. I tried to find a cheap tuxedo jacket with long coat tails, but I had no luck even after hitting multiple thrift stores. As for the hat, I needed something that fits my small head just right; in the time it would have taken to drive around and find one, I may as well make one for myself.

Some people at the party last night thought I was a ringmaster...I guess they didn't see the magic wand, which lit up and doubled as a beacon for navigating with friends through a crowded venue.

[Old Navy shirt with ties, Development blazer, F21 sequined shorts, Falke fishnet tights, Marc by Marc Jacobs heels, top hat made by me, magic wand and gloves from Halloween costume store]

The hat tutorial will be posted next time. :-)


xs said...

great costume! being confused with a ring master isn't so bad though.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks! I guess I'll have to recycle the costume another year as a ringmaster.