Splitting Hairs

It was time for me to get a haircut again. When it gets colder, maybe I'll let it grow out, but while it can still get hot during the day, I'd rather keep my hair as light in terms of weight as possible (black hair absorbs so much heat sometimes).

Right now is the best time for me to play around with Fall outfits involving shorts and boots. The temperature cools down quite a bit in the evening, but not enough to make me cold as long as I wear something warm up top. For a Sunday evening of standing in line with friends for eons before our patience would be rewarded with the most delicious ramen from Daikokuya, I decided to wear this:

[Miu Miu sunglasses, Minden Chan cropped jacket, Tart long-sleeved tee, Argento Vivo necklace, H&M cuffed shorts, Calvin Klein stockings, Capezio boots.]

This is actually a variation of what I wore earlier that day, before I swapped a black tank top for long sleeves and slipped on the tights. The wool-blend cropped jacket is a bargain that I picked up a while ago from the FIDM store. When I bought it, I fell for the amazing details and saw a lot of potential, but for one reason or another, I just didn't get to wear it quite so much. That is about to change.

The collar is amazingly cute, but not too much so, since the Peter Pan collar folds into a grown-up form in the front. I just love how the zipper in the back extends and dovetails at the very end. Since the jacket zips up in the back, starting from the very top, it also somewhat resembles a straitjacket (which doesn't sound appealing at all, but I appreciate how easy it is to take off the jacket during a red light stop when it started to get hot in my car).

Fall weather also means it's time to bust out the interesting stockings. This particular pair will get quite a bit of use during the weekdays as well. I should try it out tomorrow.


Eli said...

so cute, I have half a mind to chop it all off in a bob like this again!

xs said...

i def hear you on breaking out the interesting legwear! i love this outfit and i don't mind saying that the straightjacket part does seem appealing.

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