Ties that Bind

Thank you so much for your comments! I'm so happy that you enjoy reading the blog, and I'm certainly happy to be back.

I've been rather dressed up for the last couple of Fridays, so it's nice to go with a more casual outfit this time. The town where I work now is far more populated by business attire, so I have to look a little more refined (even on casual days) to fit in.

Given the fact that I have to save up more money these days for my upcoming travels, among other things, I haven't really bought anything new for the last few months. However, when I ventured out for a friend's birthday party last weekend, I got a few things. One much-needed item is a thicker sweater for work. The cotton open cardigan that I picked up from the Gap (with a 30% off discount) is quite warm. Fifty bucks is a lot to pay for a cotton knit sweater like this, but since I've tried to find a cheaper alternative but couldn't, I just gave in. It is a pretty good investment, I dare say, considering that I've been wearing it practically all week.

The tank top is from Forever 21. Although it appears to be a casual piece to be worn with leggings, there is quite a bit of sophistication to it. I love how the elastic bands are cris-crossed in the front as well as the back. Considering that this is a "cheap chic" piece, I'm impressed by the fact that the bands do align and connect on the sides such that they appear to wrap all the way around.

Since the colors of the outfit are rather low-key, I decided to liven things up with a neon-colored bracelet-watch. I bought this from the Cabazon outlet just before Christmas and have worn it before, but this picture captures the color more accurately. It really pops out against an all-black business outfit as well.

My favorite accessory at the moment is my big ol' Calvin Klein electric blue satchel. Not being one to switch bags every few days, this has been my daily staple for the last few months. I also got this bag just before Christmas, when the Calvin Klein store in the Beverly Center was having a closing sale and everything was 75% off. Although the faux-leather material isn't all that sturdy (there are a few cracks where the bag tends to crease), this bag holds everything, and the color is just gorgeous. One comment I get the most is "that bag is so...blue." Although it sounds rather hesitant, most people I've talked to seem to like it because it is at once an unusual color and a great fit for all the grays, blacks, and blues that are prevalent in businesswear. You'll probably see this bag until it finally wears out, but I've gotten quite a lot of use of it for $40, and there's still has a mileage left.

[Outfit: Gap cotton knit cardigan, F21 tank, Paper Denim & Cloth jeans, Bloch London flats, Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet watch, Calvin Klein bag.]


Eli said...

these photos are great!! glad to see you still blogging, we gotta keep going!

I like your MJ watch, I have one and two of the fruits. I've never been one for watches so I have no idea how I ended up with three MJ ones

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks Eli! Yes, when the tough gets going, we must still hold on to ourselves and our creativity.

I have another fruit watch that I haven't blogged about yet. Those things are just irresistible! I'm not into watches either, but the MJ watches double as statement jewelry pieces, and I love that.