X-ray Vision

I haven't done outfit posts for a while...my GorillaPod kinda broke and I have yet to buy a new one. Not to mention I've been coming home at the end of the day with no energy to speak of. Hopefully I'll pick up the pace soon.

I've never been into wearing anything approved by Jolly Roger (I find them a bit macabre for my tastes), but the scientist in me just couldn't let go of this find from the H&M Boys section. For one, it's much cheaper and more practical than the Rodarte for Target sequined ribcage dress, which appears to be available no more. The sweater is also surprisingly soft and comfortable. I ended up getting another sweater (much more work-appropriate one) from the boys section too, but it's in the laundry. Maybe next time...

Hebden, who incorporate the skulls ever so skillfully in her outfits, inspired this one, which was worn sometime in December when it was a bit chilly but not that cold:

[H&M Boys sweater, Marc by Marc Jacobs neon yellow watch, Geren Ford shorts, J. Crew wool tights, Bloch London flats.]

While I was Christmas shopping at the Fossil outlet in Cabazon, I came across a bunch of M by MJ watches, including the fruit ones that I thought was long gone! They weren't cheap, but they were much, much more affordable than the full sticker price. Since they had a promotional deal, I went a little crazy with buying watches. I gave a white guitar-on-a-chain watch to my sister for Christmas, and she loves it, so it worked out. =) This neon cuff watch is just what I need to perk up all that black I've been wearing--it's bold, but not too wacky for work.


Eli said...

ah that sweater is awesome, I always check out the girls accesories and socks at H&m because they're way cheaper

Gant trousers said...

Awesome sweater! i love it!

bench shoes said...

Great outfit!