On a Slant

The weather in LA was on a mood swing in the past month. One day it's cold and rainy, the next day it's 80 degrees. Now that May is here, the warmer weather appears to be here to stay. Time to bust out the lighter layers and go with the shorter haircuts.

It has been in my habit to test the boundaries of work outfits, but I really pushed the envelop this time with an element that is very apparent and way outside the realm of businesswear. Over the weekend, I stopped by the Calvin Klein outlet at the Citadel because a) it was on my way home from Orange County, and b) I've had much luck with finding affordable and stylish work separates there. An outfit on a window mannequin caught my eye--once I spotted the tissue-thin aqua blue tee bifurcated by a diagonal seam, I was sold. It helped that the shirt was further on sale, but I would have bought it even if it wasn't.

I've worn t-shirts under blazers before, but this one is far afield from the others. The t-shirt-based cut is at once casual and the opposite of run-of-the-mill, thanks to a mix of color, texture, and structuring. The lightness is perfect for the summer. Although the shirt itself is very sheer, the burnout pattern makes the sheerness far less apparent (at least on my skin tone), thereby eliminating the burden of having to wear an additional camisole. I love how the fabric gathers and drapes on both sides of the asymmetric seam, which stands out boldly with its raw, rolled-up edges. It also helps that the slanted detailing matches my new-ish haircut, so everything looks somewhat integrated.

[Issac Mizrahi for Target cardigan, Calvin Klein top, Stella McCartney cropped pants, Abaete for Payless pumps, Kenneth Cole cuff]


enna. said...

Cool tee-shirt! I would lift my tee ban if I found one like that.

PS. Love the shot of you kneeling on the floor--it looks like you dropped from the ceiling, superhero-style. :)

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks! It was a fun shoot. :)

ambika said...

I adore the blunt cut--and the outfit of course.

Happy to see you blogging again!