Off the Cuff

It feels like I haven't blogged for ages. Life just got rather busy, with weddings, visiting friends and family, and mundane everyday chores in general. I'm still around, though, and posting will go on until the day I decide to quit doing this for good.

Based on what I've seen on street-style blogs, a popular trend that has existed for some time is the cuffing of the pant leg. Little things like cuffing can work quite well in giving outfits a different "mood." I still can't pull off the cuffed pants look all that well (I think it requires more voluminous pants and some intentional pegging), but this is a good illustration of what cuffing does.

I'm not a polo shirt person, but I was given one to wear for an bowling event, so I wanted to dress it up into something more in tune with my personality. I cuffed the sleeves of the blazer to for a "relaxed professional" look earlier in the day, and when it was time to play, I cuffed the jeans to look more casual. The latter looked a lot better without the jacket on, that's for sure, but it goes to show how cuffing the jacket makes a huge difference...

[Nike polo shirt, a $1 3-rhinestone necklace, F21 dome ring, thrifted Brioni blazer, Earnest Sewn straightlegged jeans, Nike sneakers.]

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xs said...

work out the cuff girl!