Straighten Up and Fly Right

Straighten up and fly right,
Straighten up and stay right,
Straight up and fly right,
Cool down, Pappa, don't you blow your top.

-Nat King Cole, "Straighten Up and Fly Right"

By this time tomorrow, I would probably be driving off to another remote location for work, a place where the address is a highway mile marker (that's a first). Even though business travel can be awfully tiring, I do like to take a look at how life is in different parts of the country, even if only for a short time. Another bonus is that I get to collect those frequent flier miles.

As of last week, I finally travelled enough to get my free flight from Southwest. Instead of wasting my free ticket for somewhere fairly local, I decided that I want to head over to Philly to visit a friend who is there for school. I've never been there before, so I figured it would be a good destination. I've been trying to plan this thing for a while, and was quite excited about going until a few days ago, when I found out a case I'm working on has been assigned a trial date at the same time I wanted to go on this trip.

I felt like I was about blow a gasket at that point.

Oh well...it is possible that I may end up going at a different time, or if that doesn't work out, I might switch to a different location. New York is another place I'm considering, as I did not get enough time to really see the place the last time I was there, and I really miss the friends who are now living there.

I'll open this up to you guys--what's there to do/see in Philly? What are some other places you'd like to use your free ticket on? Other suggestions/comments? Fire away.


Muttersome said...

How disappointing! I hope it works out for you. Philly is a great city -- lots to see and do if you're interested in historical stuff and museums, etc. Since you already live in CA (which is where I would go!) my other suggestions would be Chicago or maybe Seattle.

ambika said...

We were contemplating a quick trip (4-5 days) to NYC given I've never been and the boyfriend has friends there. Not sure it'll happen for me but that'd definitely be my vote.

Elaine said...

That sucks!!! I am from Philly and I love it there! I miss the east.... but I think NY is a lot better than Philly.

Swathi said...

NYC is definetly no comparison to Philly. But Philly holds it's own in terms of the Liberty bell and the Independence Hall.Also King of Prussia, in the suburbs, has the second largest mall in the country.So let me know if you are here...