Camera Obscura

Yesterday was a day of fairly big decisions. I came to accept that my planned trip in the Fall to the East Coast is probably not going to happen--I wanted to go there when it's not too hot, and not too cold. Since my schedule is too hectic to fit it in, I think it is better to wait until the Spring, when I can actually enjoy my time there.

Then came another decision to ponder about. My brother called me yesterday and asked what I planned on getting myself for my birthday. I hadn't really planned to splurging on anything--after all, I am fortunate enough these days to get what I want (within reason) when I want it, so there isn't something particular that I have been holding out on. I don't really need fashion items, even though there are certain cool things that have caught my my eye. If I were to get something, it will probably be a camera upgrade. I love the camera I have now, but to do the things I want to do in terms of photography, I will need something better eventually. The price of an entry-level SLR these days is actually not too bad.

The camera is not really a birthday present per se; I'll have a couple of months to think about it. I'm saying that I have a couple of months because I may end up taking a trip overseas with my Mom in November for a wedding. I still have much planning to do and many things to clear (with work, for one) before the trip can be a reality, but it gives me something to look forward to. It would certainly be a great opportunity to play with my new toy.

Any camera recommendations? (To those I know personally off-line (you know who you are), I'll be bugging you about this, that's for sure.)


ThatBeeGirl said...

canon, canon, canon. :)

i don't know what your price range is, but the new rebel that shoots HD video is amazing. if you're looking to spend a little more, go for the 50D. you will not be disappointed!

if you thought fashion was an expensive hobby, wait 'til you get more into photography. :)

Sales Rack Raider said...

Canon is kind of a de facto frontrunner in my mind. My last 2 cameras have been Canons (love them), so I'm biased.

Ah yes, the laments of photographers--I hear them often from my photog friends. The pictures are priceless. The equipment has a huge price tag.

enna. said...

I've been using my dad's old Nikon D40 for the past couple months. I love it.

yulanda said...

ThatBeeGirl said it best.


continuum said...

You Canon fanbois/fangirls are strange. Honestly in entry-level space if you're going to be shooting with kit glass and consumer glass in general, they're all about the same. In fact Canon's 300D/350D/400D/450D/500D as well as the 1000D don't handle particularly well vs. the competition, although image quality is about the same. Friends have picked up brand-new Sony A200's for as low as $249 with the kit lens, and one of those would be more than enough. :)

Sony A230, Olympus E-520, Nikon D60, Canon XS, are all pretty good... and shopping used at Photography-on-the-net or Fredmiranda forums is a great way to save money. KEH.com for gear (if you need an actual store) is pretty good too.

It's easier to blow real, real, REAL big money on fashion, but if four-figure or low-five-figure budgets scare you, then photography is plenty scary for most people. :)

And I'm not sure I'd touch a 50D, even used, when used 40D's are even cheaper and already far more camera than needed, even to grow into.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Guess I have a lot of "homework" to do.

Continuum--I figured you'd have some strong opinions about stuff like this. And I think you also know how much I like and use my current camera. We'll talk more later (Saturday, I presume?)

yiqin; said...

Canon!!! I use the 400d/xsi & it is awesome :) I agree that the 400d/500 are all about the same. So well. Even though I was so broke after I bought it, it is totally worth it. Never regretted! I heard great reviews about d40 too.

The Clothes Horse said...

Canon's are great. A Canon Powershot has GREAT quality for the price (my old one, which I broke by dropping on rocks repeatedly). If you have more cash a Canon Rebel.

Chunky Curlz said...

Like your blog. I am a fashion bargain lover as well, and have been into photography for a few months now. I just purchased my first DSLR a this year and I love it. I got the Canon EOS Rebel XS/1000D, it takes great pictures and it fairly easy to use. Its an entry level & price is reasonable in comparison to others on the market. Looking forward to following your blog, please check out my blog as well. www.chunkycurlz.blogspot.com & http://chunkycurlzphoto.blogspot.com/