I Don't Wanna Grow Up

That must be the only reason why I went ahead and got these. Either that, or I lost my mind, was possessed, or was blinded by their cuteness and forgot that I'm no longer Age 5.

Actually, let's backtrack to the time when I was in the Target shoe department; the purchase wasn't quite as devoid of reason as it seems. I came across these Mary Janes for girls, available in pink and in black. What impressed me was that if you look past the cutesy inner lining, the shoe could actually pass for something for adults. The design of the shoe is not at all childlike. Even the pink shine is pretty well done--the shoe isn't plastered with cheap glitter that flakes off at the slightest touch. Rather, it seems more like a network of mesh with hexagonal pieces of foil. Since the pink is more a fuschia pink, it's a little more grown-up; I think I could actually pull it off as a whimsical piece of footwear. And the shoe fits me, too--this pair is a Girls' 5.5. The inside is very well-cushioned and comfortable.

However, even if the shoe fits, it's not meant to be. Even though I'm convinced that I can pull it off without looking stupid, I really don't need these comfortable kicks. I already have plenty of pairs of colorful sneakers, and realistically, these will probably not get worn a whole lot when the other arguably more sensible shoes are vying for my attention. Thanks to Target's lengthier return period (90 days with receipt), I can take these puppies back...maybe to exchange for the black glitter ones.

Or not.


Muttersome said...

If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone! I always wish my feet were small enough to fit into kid's shoes, especially since lately they've been super cute and they're also a lot more affordable!

Sara Millionaire said...

I used to always pass the red-glitter Mary Janes in the little girls' section at Target with serious Dorothy envy. I eventually found a pair in my size and wore the shit out of them for about a year!

I think those are cute, and if you can pull it off (which you can) you clearly should!

Love, Raven said...

I'm the same way :( I recently bought a pair of jellies with glitter in them; I used to wear jellies ALL the time as a little girl. *sighs* They're cute though.
I like the purple shoes, they're cute :)

Sales Rack Raider said...

Glad I'm not the only one embracing my Inner Child! :D

They're cute, I hate to let them go, but I really think my money would be better spent on something still whimsical, but more grown up. If I knew that these shoes were going to be worn a lot, I'd keep them, but the reality is that 80% of the time I'm running around in "professional" attire. That means pink glittery shoes won't be in the picture. =(

TRISH said...

Cool shoes!