Dime and Dine

I've never been to the iconic Philippe the Original, where the french dip sandwiches have been much heralded. I've heard many people sing it praises (though I did hear one story of bad service), but I've never gone to Philippe's. Until passed by it on my way home from the UPS pickup site recently (to pick up my Sublet cardigan), I didn't know where this place was. When I did finally come across the restaurant (which had parking in the back!), I made a mental note to come back one of these days.

October 6 might be the day I'll go. That is the day when Philippe's celebrates its 100th birthday. Imagine that! To commemorate the occasion, Philippe's will be selling that famous sandwich for a dime. There will probably be several thousands of people there that day, and I'm not even joking about that, but maybe it'll be less crowded when I go there after work.

[The lowdown is courtesy of the LA Times food blog.]

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Lindybug said...

I enjoy the sandwiches enough, but I think its overrated. They are very famous for their mustard and since you like spicy, you must try it!!! Just be careful. And I don't feel full after eating a sandwich so I recommend getting the chili too. Lastly, I don't think it'll be any less crowded after work on the 10-cent day. Good luck though!