What a $12 haircut looks like

You all know that I'm cheap, and you also know I like to be stylish. It may seem that the two are mutually exclusive, but they don't have to be.

People are often shocked that I think a $40 haircut is too expensive. What do you pay? They'd ask. It used to be $10, then price went up, or the stylist isn't available and I have to go to another. Still, most of the time I spend no more than $15-30.

Being broke and busy with studying meant haircuts had to wait, but since I start my new job on Monday, I decided to get a nice cut before my schedule is booked again. My stylist usually knows my hair well, which is why I kept going back, but this time the results leave me with a love-hate relationship with my haircut. She was out of the country for quite a few months, so it appears that she forgot my preferences. I ended up getting choppy bangs that I didn't have before, and my hair is shorter than I normally would like. I left the salon unhappy, but over time, it doesn't seem as bad.

This is what a $12 (plus tip) haircut looks like. My mom cautioned me against going to those $5 places, but a $12 place does a pretty good job, even when it's an "off" day:

Hopefully this isn't too trendy for the office. At any rate, I have a bit of time to let it grow up before I have to look, well, lawyerly.

Hair notwithstanding, today ended on a good note. I finally scored 2 pairs of comfortable shoes. They're a bit more than I'd usually shell out for, but after spending days searching for the right shoes, they're great ones to "settle" for. More on that next time.


ThatBeeGirl said...

that haircut looks great on you! you're definitely the bargain queen. :)

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks, Bee! It looked good yesterday, but not so much today...it's gotten poofy up top =(

The Bargain Queen title is already taken (by someone who is very deserving of the title), but bargain princess, maybe? ;-)

ambika said...

It's definitely easy with curly hair to let anyone hack at it and not notice any difference.

I'd say you look great--I've seen friends with similar styles that cost *much* more. And you look like a rock star in those sunglasses! (But without them, certainly business appropriate. Especially if it's a more casual office anyways.)

Eli said...

Sadly my last hair appointment set me back 170...one of the few things I rarely go cheap on anymore

Bernie said...

Can't wait to hear about the shoes!