If the shoe fits...

...then you acquit. Of all charges of spendthriftiness.

Sorry, being around trial lawyers all day, I've adopted their sense of humor. I absolute love my new job. We work hard, but we play hard as well. The dress code turns out to be a lot more relaxed than I thought, but it's still important to have a couple of good pairs of pumps, particularly for court days.

Remember the pair of shoes with worn out heel caps that I was going to throw away? My good friend has counseled me wisely and changed my mind. Other than the heel caps, they are in great condition, and perfectly-fitting shoes are really hard to find--I went both high and low for a loooong time and was never able to find a worthy replacement for them, which proves the point. So, I'm gonna keep them until I have the time and more money to get the caps replaced.

In the meantime, I still needed shoes that won't make me sound like a horse clomping down the pavement. I went to the Citadel outlet mall in the city of Commerce. It's not as great as the outlet malls in the desert regions, but it's easy to get to without having to sweat it out. I walked all through the various shoe stores and didn't find anything that looked like my old pair and priced like it. In the end, I had to settle for what I found in Nine West. This was a good settlement:

These are a bit expensive in my book--$40--but they are incredibly comfortable (and not as shiny as in the picture). The leather upper moulded to my feet really well, and the peeptoe style is so cute and retro.

At the time, they had a buy one get one promotion, so I ended up getting these for $10:

I'm not sure what happened, but either my foot got bigger overnight or I didn't have the luxury of an extended try-on at the store. They fit fine when I was there, but they were particularly tight at the toes when I wore them the next day. They are incredibly cute and will probably do quite well once I've broken them in, but even if I fail, $10 is an acceptable loss.

At least now I'm well-stocked in the career shoe department.

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NeverHector said...

Good buys! I like them! I was actually just on Lord & Taylor's website and it said they just started their big shoe sale. I wish I could have told you ahead of time. 20% off !!! But it looks like you got a pretty good deal too.