Upcycling: The Reveal

I was going to hold off until next week, but I guess it too easy to guess...or did my pun of a title give it away?

It looks easy to cut out the shapes, but it really isn't. When you cut out parts that are very close to each other, the whole section can cave in. Judging by the number of holes there are, you can tell how many failed attempts it took to get things right.

The last picture shows the pebbled side where I got the shapes of the Mitosis earrings. If things go my way next time, more parts of the jug will be used and less wasted. The only part I don't use is the bottom, since it can be a bit dirty. The top portions are pretty clean.


Bernie said...


Oxanna said...

New blog reader (well, new commenter at least) here. I love the milk jug jewelry you've done! (And the blog. :)

If you do more, would it be easier to cut the milk jug up the sides and lay it out more-or-less flat, so it would be easier to cut?

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thank you, Bernie!

Oxanna--thanks and welcome! I thought about doing that, but it's actually harder to cut things out when the plastic is flat. The blade needs to puncture through the plastic, and it's much easier to do that when the plastic is taut and suspended in the air.