Nose Above Water

It's now two weeks into my bar review course. Last night it finally hit me that I've dug my self a pretty deep hole.

We've covered 3 subjects so far, and I slacked because I was feeling under the weather. These last 24 hours things really hit rock bottom. I was sick and did terribly on a practice essay that I had to turn in, and this morning I was much worse and just couldn't follow the lecture. After a good lunch and a bit of downtime at home, I feel much better, but I've come to realized that it is time to really crank it. To all those who are going to take the bar in the future, here's my advice to you--no matter how tired you are, stick to the schedule. Study like it's time for finals, but don't burn yourself out. It's gonna be a loooong ride.

That said, expect fewer posts but the same great quality. Quality is always better than quantity, right? The posts will also be on the pithy side, which must be a welcomed relief for you all. As far as the subject matter goes, there will be a slight shift. Obviously I'll have pretty much no time to shop, but I still have a reserve of resource-saving ideas to share. I'll also be doing some crafting in lieu of bashing my head on the wall, so I'll talk about them a little bit more. For a couple of months, this will be more of a fashion/craft/frugality cross-over blog.

Now back to dealing with nasty cross-over essay questions on the California Bar Exam...le sigh...


Bernie said...

Good luck! As a future bar exam taker, I wish you all the best...plus, a lawyer who works in one of my firm's offices just passed the California bar-so it can be done! :o)

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks for the encouragement!