Kill Dirt, Save Trees

My roommate and I did quite well with paper towels. We started out with a pack from Costco, and months later, we still have a lot left. Imagine how much money we saved by getting them from Costco AND conserving them.

What's our secret? Much of the time, we use kitchen towels to dry off our hands instead of paper towels. When paper towels are used, we tear off only as much as we need, even though the perforations are only for large sheets.

I try to make as much use of the used paper towels as possible. This is something my family taught me to do since I was a wee wisp of a girl--while it's still damp, we may as well use the paper towel to wipe down dusty surfaces. After all, the water we wiped off our hands is clean.

Using paper towels judiciously will save money in the long run, and it's environmentally sound. It's a good way to go.

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