What $75 can rent you these days

[Ed.--minor additions made on 5/22/07]

That would be the billowy, uncomfortable frou-frou thing I'm wearing, plus a top-heavy mortarboard with purple tassel (not shown):

The velvety part is actually purple, but my camera is uncooperative. [Ed.--actually, when I went to get portraits done at the neighborhood portrait place for $20, the photographer said that it's hard to capture colors on velvet because the light goes through. So, it's not the camera after all. I'm still trying to figure out how shorter wavelengths reflect but not the longer ones, but I digress.] The purple and red combo gets negative style points in my book, but that's "tradition" for ya (purple is for law grads).

This is what I'm wearing under the billowy nonsense:

The red/white striped thing is the hood on the back of the gown. I like necklaces, but I don't like things going around my neck like the hood. As for the dress, I've had it for ages and it's still lookin' good. The entire outfit (Express dress and Nine West sandals) came from Ross. Yup, you read correctly. Those cheesy commercials do somewhat tell the truth.

Here's a better picture of how the hood drapes. Since I wore red stripes yesterday, I thought it'd be a little silly comparing the two sets of stripes. Yes, I've gotten a haircut to tame all the unruliness.

Oh, I do need the silliness. My bar classes start next Wednesday. Nary a break!


Bernie said...

Congratulations on your graduation!

Lynne said...

Haha, our daughter graduated college yesterday and her mortarboard was a dreadful fit, coming far down on her forehead to a point--her sibs were calling her Cruella. Her much larger boyfriend's board was too small and was perched ridiculously,repeatedly popping off, mercifully not at the moment he received his degree.
Anyway, I digress--mismatched robes and possessed mortarboards notwithstanding, sincere congrats on your excellent achievement! I'm sure you'll do well taking the bar. Have a terrific graduation day!

ambika said...

God, congrats! What an accomplishment!

The dress does look nice--I really like the hem.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks, everyone!

Lynne--congrats on your daughter's accomplishments! You must be one proud momma.

My hair hurted from all the bobby pins tugging at the weight of the silly mortarboard. Miraculously, it stayed on throughout the ceremony, but kept popping off when I took pictures with family and friends. The bobby pins left a tangled mess (and more pain) as the gravity had its way with the toppled mortarboard.

Ambika--I didn't even notice the awesome hem until a couple of years after I bought the dress. Silly me.