Primped and Pampered

A little bit of pampering during stressful times means a whole lot to the body and soul. When I was studying 19 hours a day, I needed to treat myself every now and then, or else I'd go crazy from the stress. I spent a couple of Saturday nights doing a little bit of shopping. I bought a couple of polymer clay jewelry pieces one weekend (more on that another day), then some soaps for myself on another:

I bought a few fun soaps from Naiad weeks ago as a gift, so I decided it was high time to pamper myself. I took advantage of her Saturday Night Sale (a regular event on Etsy) and snagged these two. After using the Moroccan Fig Bar (on the right), I think it's going to be hard to go back to regular soaps. It smells great, and glycerin soap felt so smooth and soothing to the skin. Can't wait to try the cucumber sugar scrub bar!

After the chaotic exams were over, I needed to get a haircut. I neglected to do that for far too long because I didn't have the time. To my dismay, my regular hairdresser took off for vacation and wasn't going to be back for a while. I drove all the way out there, too! So, I went to another place that I've been to once before. I figured that it's going to cost more, but service was probably better. Indeed, it felt goooood to have my scalp massaged and my hair cut. Better yet, the guy who cut my hair was not annoying chatty (in the wanting-to-know-everything-about-your-life way) like my regular hairdresser could be. I had to pay an extra $7 for this kind of experience, but $25 for a haircut isn't too bad. Now I'm thinking peace and quiet might be worth the price to go back again.

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