They're so out that they're back in

Whenever I clean out my closet, there are some things that I know would never be worn again (and out they go), while certain others are spared with the understanding that they could be useful but won't be worn very often. The clothing in the latter group probably stay in my closet a lot longer than they should, but since there's a good reason why I kept them (even if they were known only to my subconscious mind), I make the biggest effort to eek more life out of them. Trends come and go...and come back. You never know--they might be so old that they might be back in again. However, if your "on the fence" items can no longer be worn in a satisfactory manner, it's time for them to go.

Three pieces that have been in my closet for 10+ years are a pair of skinny pants, a flannel 3/4 shirt, and a long black vest. I have varying reasons for keeping them.

1) The skinny pants are something I'd never buy for myself because they're hideous--the high waist and back side were too big for me, the tapered cut is dangerously close to "mom jeans" status. However, they are insanely comfortable. They've been in the banishment pile following several closet cleanouts, only to be rescued a couple of times. The first time I saved them was because I was going on a ski trip and needed a warm, comfortable bottom layer to battle against the cold. After its purpose was served, the pants went back to the banishment pile. Then the skinny jeans-long tunics trend came around, and I thought the skinny legs of the pants would be perfect. Sure, the fit at the waist is terrible, but a long top would cover it up.

2) The flannel shirt isn't a fashionable item, but I see them around every time Fall rolls around. Perhaps its endurance is attributable to its utilitarian nature--rugged and warm. Also, it's plaid. Plaid can be in sometimes, and even when it's out, it's never truly out. It's just hanging around in purgatory, waiting to return in its modest way.

3) I bought the vest back when I was in high school. Have you seen the show "Ugly Betty"? Yup, I used to dress much like that. Not in such an exaggerated way, but pretty close. The vest languished in the depths of a closet in my family's house for years. When vests recently became trendy, I dug it out, hoping that I'd milk something out of it. Through a little bit of experimentation, I got some wear out of it, but I was hoping it would do something more.

As I said last time, one way to update old items is to mix them with something newer. In my case, I used a newer tunic sweater and my Mike & Chris hoodie. Another way is to wear old items in trendier ways, such as tucking the pants into the boots, wearing a long tunic with the skinny pants, or belting at the waist. Finally, it doesn't hurt to throw all the trends together at once and see what happens. However, this approach is to be used with caution, as sporting too many trends at once may end up making you look like a "fashion victim."

That's my boring little experiment [yes, I actually wore these out to go about my daily business]. Next time it'll be marginally more exciting.


S. said...

This post was plenty exciting for me. I love visuals.

The items sounded horrendous when you were writing about them but look fabulous the way you wear them!

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks, S.! The items are as terrible to me as they sound (especially the pants)...glad I could make them look presentable.

bee said...

The last 'fit is super cute!

Sales Rack Raider said...

Thanks, Bee!

LeighAnn said...

I was scared, until I saw the photos. They look great on you!

I can't believe a vest looking good!