I Heart Fred Flare

I'm trying to avoid buying frivolous things with my own money, but it's so hard to do when there are so many cute things out there. Before implementing my New Year's resolutions, I spent $27 of my Christmas money on 2 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of vintage pumps. I'm happy to say that after 3 years of searching, I found the perfect pair of dark wash jeans...that is, if it doesn't shrink. Instead of paying boutique price ($100+), I got mine for $10. The price was so good that I got another pair of dark wash jeans, though in a different style--totally not a "need," and totally unjustified.

Now that I'm quite serious about my resolutions (haven't walked into a clothing store for almost 2 weeks), I pass my time doing school work, working on a utilitarian-cum-academic project outside of school, and doing some electronic window shopping. If I were to buy anything, they would be truly practical things (namely a comfortable low-wedge shoe for lots of walking and a warm short jacket when coats are not practical--dang near froze the other night when I went out in a denim jacket!). Alas, the cuteness of so many things on sale makes it hard to resist. Good thing they're so expensive such that I can't afford them!

Fortunately, I can still indulge in my want of frivolous accessories without spending money of my own. My brother got me a gift certificate from Fred Flare, which is awesome, but now I have to watch out and not spend more than the gift certificate amount. Since I want to make the most of the gift certificate, the first section I headed to was the sale section. A few things are cute (like the stripey mittens and bling safety pin), but overall the selection isn't too appealing to me.

I normally wouldn't pay full price, but the only items that I really want to get aren't on sale yet. Hopefully they won't sell out while I wait:

The $24 mini dachshund clutch is simply adorable. Love that little dog zipper handle!

This heart necklace/watch reminds me of the Marc Jacobs fruit watches. I thought about buying this, but then again, it's a bit silly even for me. Not worth my $20.

Fred Flare's got this thing going on with hearts--I'm guessing it has to do with the upcoming Valentine's Day. I really want this duffle, also $24. Not that I actually need another bag, but the shape of the bag is rather practical, as I don't have a small duffle. I'm a geek at heart (to give you an idea of just how nerdy I am: the other night I hung out with a couple of people and we spent time talking dot product, cross product, and angular momentum), so pixelated hearts are perfect.

Unfortunately I don't have the money to buy them all. Picking and choosing is so hard to do. Maybe I can nab all of them on sale in the near future.


ambika said...

Wow! $10 jeans? Please fill me in on your secrets. I thought I was doing so well shopping at the Rack. Sigh. And that dachsund purse is adorable--my sister would love it (we grew up with dachsunds) if she carried purses.

S. said...

$27 for 2 pairs of jeans and two pairs of shoes?! I don't think you should feel anything but great about buying the second pair of jeans.

Sales Rack Raider said...

Ambika--I don't really have any secrets...I guess I'll talk about my collection of $10 jeans soon.

S.--I feel good that at least those jeans worked out for me. Unfortunately, the $3 pair of vintage shoes revealed its "latent defects" today. One heel cap fell off after the other. No big deal, I'll get them replaced...right? After I took the shoes off, I saw that my toes were dyed black and blue.

When I get out of class, they're going straight to the trash can. I wouldn't want other people to learn the hard way.