Last Call for Luella

Short break before hunkering down for A Night with Corporate Law. I was out on a studying marathon with a friend; we worked really hard but had lots of fun reading practice questions like they do on "People's Court," complete with "soundtrack" (divorce proceedings can be so scandalous ;-P). Afterwards I felt drained and wanted a pick-me-up to continue studying. Well, well, well, there's a Target right off the freeway exit, and it's on my way home. I'm tellin' ya, exhaustion really does a number on willpower.

Luella stuff supposedly "disappeared forever" from the shelves, but my favorite Target still had some stuff at 50-75% off. If you were waiting for them to go on supersale, now is the time to get thyself to the nearest Target. They won't be there for long! Review on my 3 purchases and more will come after finals.

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