...and we'll be back after these important messages

Woohoo! It's all over! After days of going to bed when normal people are starting to wake up, after tons of caffeine, loss of coherence, mixing up my 10b-5's with my 14(a)(9)'s, and telling bad legal jokes to entertain myself and fellow self-flagellantes, I'm back to the land of the sane. Unfortunately, lots of things (or problems, depending on how you look at it) have been popping out of the woodwork, so I'm not completely off the hook yet. Hopefully I'll be able to post something more substantive (I just can't get away from legal lingo, can I?) next week.

Hope everyone's well and didn't spend too much money while I was gone =).

I did refine one money-saving, better-tasting technique during my weeks of false imprisonment. My school offered free coffee, tea, and hot chocolate during finals, so I took full advantage of it. Since I have access to hot water, I grabbed extra teabags so that I could maintain mental function long after the caffeine station closes. During normal business hours, I indulge in the coffee. Unfortunately, the non-dairy creamer really sucked. Lots of people got picky and went off to you-know-where instead, but why pay $3 for a mochacchino at some chain coffee joint when the slightly watered down but free version packs the same punch? It just takes a bit of creativity to make it taste better. If you haven't tried it before, mix 1 packet of hot chocolate with good ol' brewed coffee. It's good stuff, plenty of antioxidants, etc. I added some half-and-half to that combo and it was sooooo much creamier and better.

While lots of people on the semester system are done or just about, the poor souls on the quarter system still have quite a ways to go. I advocate lower doses of caffeine over a period of time rather than indulging in stuff like No-Doze (the idea of taking pills like that scares me). If your school doesn't provide free caffeine, see if there's a way you can get hot water for free, then bring your own tea bags or hot chocolate. It's better than paying $1.50 each time for your fix. If you go to a lousy school like mine, which charges $0.11 for a friggin' paper plate, bring some ice tea mix in a plastic bottle, then fill 'er up with water fountain water. If you prefer another option, you can bring bottles of spring water (Big Lots has good prices on multipacks) and pre-measured packets of drink mixes from companies like Lipton.

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